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Big Shout Out to Bailey Jay, Best Shemale Performer of the Year!

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Hey, it’s your favorite shemale Sunshyne Monroe and I’m bringing you news of the hottest shemale performers of today. I bet you would like this new girl, Bailey Jay! She’s real pretty with a gorgeous face and smoking hot body. No wonder she won in the recent AVN awards for Best Transsexual Performer of the year. Of course, I wish I were nominated as well but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next year. How about you check out more of this hot tgirl? For her latest video and photo updates, check out her fan site here.

Sensual stripshow of Sunshyne Monroe

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It is not really possible to suspect that this exciting and unexplainably cute chick Sunshyne Monroe hides something not girly at all under her dress! First she only exposes her decent round boobs with accurate tiny nipples. Next she shows her amazing bum that looks totally exception together with these small thongs hiding her butthole! Finally she turns around and you can see quite big and already erected prick of TS Sunshyne. What a nice surprise to discover such a naughty surprise! She definitely wants to put her cock in some nasty action right now so check out more her pictures and videos right here and without any delay!

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First webcam show at new official website of Sunshine Monroe

If you like to peek at sexy tgirls you probably already heard about Sunshine Monroe. She is truly cute shemale with awesome cock who loves to be fully exposed. Now this well-endowed babe got the brand new website so her fans can finally get access to all vids and galleries from her huge and pretty explicit collection.  No doubt that you would love to see everything that is now hidden in the member area of Sunshine Monroe’s private website so consider joining this magnificent place right now! Besides she got some nice bonuses for her members. In just four days all the members would be able to enjoy absolutely free webcam show featuring Sunshine! She plans to do these cam performances regularly and together with very frequent updates that is really awesome offer that shouldn’t be missed!

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In case you want to find out more about that stunning shemale babe and want to find more nude or even hardcore pics featuring her you should join this website! It is fully dedicated to Sunshine Monroe and reveals some of the naughtiest sides of her life. You can see her not only posing nude or waking her tender smooth prick but also participating in amazing hardcore fucking scenes with her lovers.

Sunshyne Monroe as webcam show model from Shemale Club


One of the main reasons to sign up for Shemale Club is the fact that the tranny of our dreams, sweet Sunshyne Monroe appears there quite often – even in explicit live webcam show sessions! That’s the opportunity you really shouldn’t miss – there’s nothing that compares to a live chat with the hottest t-girl of all times. Go here to experience it for real!

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Sunshyne Monroe hits the Grooby meetup.

Sunshyne-Michelle-Austin Sunshyne-Domino-Presley

Sunshyne-Amy-Daly Sunshyne-Monroe-Khloe-Hart



Seeing Sunshyne Monroe at the social gathering thrown by one of the world’s best prominent transgender porn production studios in no surprise – she is the hottest and she definitely does deserve to be there, don’t you find? :) See her posing for the paparazzi with other sexy trannies : Domino Presley, Amy Daly, Khloe Hart, Michelle Austin (posing damn sexy, I must say)

Enjoy some Tgirl Sunshyne Monroe hardcore

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Solo softcore scenes featuring Sunshyne no longer get you off? Well, here is your chance to lay your hands on some Tgirl Sunshyne Monroe hardcore! Well, okay, I agree that the boy starring in this movie together with Sunshyne is not hung enough but… Here’s exactly why his cute little dink doesn’t make it to her precious asshole. 😉 Just a quickie blowjob for him – and then Sunshyne will put it on his sexy ass herself.

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Piping hot shemale Sunshyne solo show

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Here I come back with a bunch of piping hot pics from a shemale Sunshyne solo posing shoot – the one that shows our dearly beloved big-dicked hottie in stockings, sexy tiny thongs and see-through top! Oh yeah, she definitely does look great in all that lingerie but… Bet you will still love the look of her naked body more. Boy, I just can’t take my own eyes off Sunshyne’s bubbled booty. You too? Then check out more of her ass pics here.


Sunshyne Monroe makes an appearance at Tgirl Pinups

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I love pinup photography – especially when it focuses on shemale babes as hot as Sunshyne Monroe. Take a look at this set of pics from Tgirl Pinups, for instance. I’d say Sunshyne is looking simply mouthwatering in that vintage shoot. A nice hairstyle there too. :) And that pic showing her with her legs up in the air, squeezing her fat unit between her hips… That’s a true must-see! BTW, if you want more shemale pinup pics, check this site out!

New webcam video with Sunshyne hits YouTube

Even though there is nothing too kinky in this new webcam video with Sunshyne (it just wouldn’t have made it to YouTube if there was something dirty), I just can’t keep myself in from getting horny when I see it. Damn, those boobs of hers… Rushing off to another cool site where they are exposed with nothing concealing them. Click here if you want to come there with me. 😉

TS Sunshyne Monroe dominates a nerd

TS-Sunshyne-Monroe-dominates-1  TS-Sunshyne-Monroe-dominates-3 TS-Sunshyne-Monroe-dominates-4 TS-Sunshyne-Monroe-dominates-5 TS-Sunshyne-Monroe-dominates-6 TS-Sunshyne-Monroe-dominates-7

Oh wow… I have always noticed that Sunshyne Monroe was treating her boy toys a little bit too hard – and here comes the proof of the fact that she’s got a bossy dark alter ego! Watch her fool around with a submissive nerd in the library – and then end up fucking him in the ass right on his desk. Lazy boy… Sunshyne will teach you how to work real hard! :) Wanna see the full scene? It’s available here!

Sunshyne Monroe’s guest appearance at Wendy Williams paysite





If I were to choose which shemale model I love about as much as Sunshyne Monroe, I guess I would say Wendy Williams. That stacked red-haired transsexual plumper is just driving me crazy, word. No surprise Wendy and Sunshyne get along so well – as you can see it on these pics, the latter even made a guest appearance at Wendy Williams paysite! Poor Wendy… I wonder what getting outshined by her guest feels like. :)

Sunshyne fooling around in front of webcam

Whew, looks like Sunshyne is never missing her chance to make it to YouTube. In this lovely little video showing her fooling around in front of the webcam she is not showing too much skin but… Those boobs of hers. That tight cleavage in between them. Very seductive, word. And even though she looks like a playful teen cutie here, we all know what a vixen she can be. Oh you don’t know it yet? Then don’t wait to see it here!

Sunshyne Monroe – the freshest at ShemaleYum

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ShemaleYum is a cool site featuring lots of dreamboat dickgirls but… I guess there is no denying the fact that Sunshyne Monroe is the hottest of them all. :) She also seems to be the youngest one there – just a lovely little teen shortie with nice-sized round booty, firm perky tits and a huge cock. A huge cock? Yeah, this teen girl is sporting a little extra package in her panties! Don’t hesitate to see it bare here!


Sunshyne Monroe soaks up sunshine at the beach

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Feeling tired? Then why not take a trip to the seaside with the hottest shemale babe of all times – exotic shortie Sunshyne Monroe! She has definitely got enough cushion for pushin’ that looks absolutely awesome in her tiny provocative bikini and… She doesn’t mind setting her junk free for you. Like her boobies, don’t you? Well, I wonder what you will say when you hit her site and see all of her stuff!


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